In compliance with the provisions of Article 22 of the Law on Information Society Services and Electronic Commerce, we hereby inform you MARE NOSTRUM RESORT, S.L. digital services use cookies.

A cookie is a file downloaded and stored on your computer to allow us, among others, to store and recover information on users’ browsing habits or computer usage. The information contained in these files and the way of using the computers provide keys to recognising the users. Our portal can only set cookies in your browser when your browser preferences allow.

We use cookies for:

a) Operational reasons, such as balancing and limiting traffic to guarantee the service.
b) Ease of use: to make the portal more user-friendly, by customising the website, language, country, browser, and so on.
c) Analysing the use of the services.
d) Commercial reasons: to display our own or other advertisers’ targeted advertisements depending on the browsing habits of each user, in addition to monitoring the efficiency of such advertising.

The third-party analytics and advertising cookies we use on our portal are:

  • Google Analytics: Analytical cookies that anonymously collect information on user traffic and behaviour on the website.
  • Other third-party analytics and advertising cookies that may occasionally be used to see web traffic, the services consulted, origin of the logon, or to recover the details of users who have failed to complete their booking correctly. These cookies have a maximum validity of one month in the users’ systems.

These third-party cookies provide us with services to analyse the audience and advertising. These companies may use these data to improve their own services and to offer services to other companies.

The use of third-party cookies is subject to the privacy policies of these parties, and not to the Cookie Policy of MARE NOSTRUM RESORT, S.L.

Cookies are set whenever users authorise their installation on their browsers, both on its pages and on linked pages or pages referenced by links. Their data and behaviour profiles are only used to provide the services pertaining to our portal.

Users who do not wish to receive cookies, who wish to restrict the installation of certain cookies or to be informed of the setting of cookies can configure their browsers for this purpose. You can block or delete these cookies at any time by setting your browser options. The instructions for managing cookies in the most common browsers can be found at the following links:

  • Google Chrome, for instructions on managing cookie settings Click here
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  • Firefox, instrucciones de configuración de Click here
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