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Imagine an island full of possibilities to live your unique holiday. With everything to see in Tenerife. Walk through the best beaches. Explore from Puerto de la Cruz to Garachico. Dare to experience the popular carnival.

What to see in Tenerife

Go across the island from an unforgettable place

Experience a holiday to remember in family, with friends or with your couple from Mare Nostrum Resort. A few steps away from the golden sand of El Camisón beach and just in front of the Golden Mile of Playa Las Américas. Discover everything to see in Tenerife from a unique location.

Get into a magical space near the Equator, with volcanic origin and caressed by the trade winds. What to see in Tenerife? Dare to explore the main areas of the island, discover the spectacular Anaga Rural Park, feel the sand of the best beaches, walk through the most unique villages and discover the most fascinating museums.

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Plans in Tenerife

The main areas of the island

Discover one of the best plans to do in Tenerife: go across a unique island in the world, with subtropical, volcanic and warm landscapes. Do you dare to get into Barranco de los Infiernos? And to enter Cueva del Viento? Explore the mysteries of Acantilado de los Gigantes or fill yourself with the ocean in Punta de Teno.

Imagine that we help you plan your perfect holiday. We explain to you everything to see in Tenerife and we help you book your tickets for everything to do in Tenerife. Imagine Infocenter, a service with specialized professionals to help make your experience perfect.

Playa de Tenerife Hotel Mare Nostrum

Beaches in Tenerife

The best beaches in a unique island

The natural landscape of the island is so rich and diverse that you can explore different worlds in the same holiday. Start with the 14 spectacular blue flag beaches to see in Tenerife, located in an unforgettable 518 kilometres beach. Remember that Playa de Las Américas is just a few steps away from your room in Mare Nostrum Resort.

Go to San Andrés and feel the warm transparent waters of Playa de las Teresitas beach. Or go across the island to Médano and Playa de la Tejita, right by the Montaña Roja volcanic cone. One of the best plans to do in Tenerife.

Queso asado con mojo en Hotel Mare Nostrum en Tenerife

Guachinche in Tenerife

Taste your holiday in the typical restaurants of Tenerife

Treat your palate with an experience, getting to know the best traditional restaurants of Tenerife, an island with flavours unique in the whole world. Imagine eating papas arrugadas con mojo, a popular puchero canario, the mythical gofio from the prehispanic era, a juicy roasted cheese with mojo or the traditional party meat. All of it accompanied with trenzado or semiparral wine from the high lands in Anaga.

And what better way to see in Tenerife this condensed universe than in a guachinche. A very special venue where a small farmer sells his wine production with a delicious selection of food dishes

Carnaval de Santa cruz de Tenerife en Hotel Mare Nostrum

Tenerife Carnaval

A unique experience to have in Tenerife

Imagine a river of thousands of people walking through the streets for a whole week. Music, colour, dancing and exoticism in a party to see in Tenerife: Santa Cruz’s carnival. International Tourism Interest Party, on par with Río de Janeiro’s carnival (Brazil), it’s an essential magical occasion.

Go through the city and explore the two carnivals: the official one and the streets’ one. One with over 100 groups of 50 people, with street musicians, troupes, costume groups, rondallas and music bands. Another one that rises from the citizens who join the party naturally to have some fun. The carnival is an unforgettable activity to do in Tenerife.

Pueblo de Tenerife

Tenerife Villages

Discover the most beautiful villages in Tenerife

If you don’t know what to do in Tenerife, live a unique experience walking through its most beautiful villages. From Puerto de la Cruz, with the living memory of César Manrqiue and the black sand of Playa Jardín, to the singularity of Garachico and its amazing natural pools.

Santa Cruz is the city to visit in Tenerife, with its popular Carnival, its historic monuments, contemporaneous architectures, parks, squares and museums. And come to Arona, a few minutes away from Mare Nostrum Resort, where you will enjoy its historic ensemble, the archaeological and palaeontological sites and, of course, its beaches.

La Orotava isla de Tenerife Hotel Mare Nostrum

Museums in Tenerife

A cultural touch to you holiday in Mare Nostrum Resor

Imagine you top a fun day of sun and beach with a cultural visit to the best museums to see in Tenerife. Discover the historic downtown of Santa Cruz, where you will find the Museum of Nature and Archaeology, a spectacular former hospital with 3 unforgettable centres insides: the Archaeological Museum of Tenerife, the Canarian Institute of Bioanthropology and the Natural Sciences Museum.

If you feel scientific curiosity or your people dream of being an astronaut, explore the Museum of Science and Space in San Cristóbal de la Laguna. A unique centre to experience the laws of nature by yourself with many interactive activities. One of the most interesting visits to do in Tenerife

Other things to do in Tenerife

Make the most out of your trip to the island

Make the most of your holiday in a world of choices for what to do in Tenerife with which you can complete your experience. Try one of the magical trips in Tenerife accompanied by your people and walk through the volcanic landscapes and the subtropical massifs of the island.

Imagine a thrilling night in one of the events in Tenerife that resonate the most in the memory of the island or use the occasion to discover a party in Tenerife where you can disconnect and meet new people.

And if your plan is to go shopping, explore the wide gallery of shopping centres in Tenerife, known as the Golden Mile of Playa las Américas, just a few steps away from Mare Nostrum Resort.


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