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Teide National Park

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A volcanic experience

Imagine your perfect holiday in Teide National Park

Live an experience with unforgettable nature during your holiday in Tenerife with a trip to Teide National Park. Get into a unique territory in the whole world, crowned by a 3,718 metres of altitude volcanic cone, the third biggest in the whole world from its base in the ocean bed.

Imagine climbing up to the peak of the highest mountain in Spain during a family, couples or friends trip. A walk through the most impressive nature of Teide natural park, the biggest and oldest of the national parks in Canary Islands, and the third oldest in the whole country. In 2007, it was declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco.

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Experience a magical day in a volcanic territory of almost 190 square kilometres and just half an hour away from Mare Nostrum Resort by car. With over 4 million visitors per year, it is a mandatory destination during your holiday in Tenerife, a peak from which you can see a spectacular view of the whole island.

All of it in a unique landscape with craters, volcanoes and petrified lava rivers surrounding the astonishing silhouette of the volcano. With easy access through a road that crosses the whole Teide National Park, 2 visitors centres so you can know all the secrets of the volcano and an endless amount of viewpoints where you can see its natural majesty. Plan well your trip with the help of our Infocenter professionals.

Trip to Teide National Park

Climb up to the highest peak in Spain

Plan your trip to Teide National Park in all detail thanks to the team of professionals in our Infocenter, located in front of the reception desk of Mediterranean Palace. We will be happy to help you live your unique experience during your holiday in Tenerife.

Either if you travel with your family, your couple or with friends, climbing up to the highest peak in Spain is possible with good organization. From a short 2 hours and half hike to a full day on foot discovering the spots of Teide National Park, there is a trip for every visitor.

Get into the territory of the volcano in a private van in an exclusive environment or join a bus with a certified guide. Choose the experience you prefer to enjoy the over 168 plants in the environment, 58 of them unique in the whole world, as well as tens of animal species, some of them unique like the cimarrón feral cat.

Discover the numerous viewpoints that allow to see a full panoramic view, the wide network of paths for visitors wanting to enter the Park and even two stores where you can eat, Parador Nacional de Las Cañadas del Teide and Refugio de Altavista, at 3,270 metres of altitude.

What to see in Teide National Park?

Adventures in Tenerife

Every trip to Teide National Park is unique, much more than a simple hike if you are willing to be surprised. Ask the professionals of our Infocenter and they will help you plan the experience you are looking for.

Observe the sky from the third better place in the world to see the stars, defined by NASA as the window to the universe. Enjoy a beautiful starry night among prehistoric rocks and pine forests.

Join a 3-hour guided tour walking through one of the over 30 paths of Mount Teide. The wide variety of levels and difficulties makes easier for visitors to choose their ideal route depending on the recommendations of an experienced guide. You can get there from the starting point in La Rambleta (accessible through the cable car) and, then, through path number 10.

Enjoy an exclusive cable car ride and rise up to the highest point in Spain going through the craters and lava rivers in the depths of Teide National Park. See the shadow of an enormous volcano that gets to Gran Canaria island, and admire the sunset behind La Gomera, El Hierro and La Palma.

Discover the largest solar observatory in the world in a one hour and a half visit to Mount Teide Observatory. Study the solar spots and eruptions with a professional telescope and see a night telescope to know its history and how it works. A unique experience in Teide natural park offered by Mare Nostrum Resort.


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