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A unique experience

Holiday with cetaceans sighting in Tenerife

Have you ever got a close-up view of a dolphin or a whale? Imagine a unique experience during your holiday in Mare Nostrum Resort. Join a cetaceans sighting trip in Tenerife and get close to these majestic mammals.

Feel the breeze on your face, the warmth of the sun and the movement of the waves from a boat. Until, suddenly, everything stops and some black spots appear and disappear on the surface of the ocean. Serene and paused movements, that unexpectedly show the enormous tail of a cetacean.

Imagine the magnificence of wild animals we cannot always predict, which makes every cetacean sighting in Tenerife different. A behaviour that depends on the species, the moment of the day, the state of the sea or the available food. Discover how they play, make bubbles, swim, move their tails or spy you with curiosity.

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The south-east coast of the island is the perfect location for such a special experience to enjoy with your family, partner or friends. In fact, the best vessels sail away from the ports in the area near our hotel: Los Cristianos, Puerto Colón and Los Gigantes.

Find an option that fits what you want, both in time and budget. We help you choose this experience to see whales in Tenerife in our Infocenter.

Trip to see whales and dolphis in Tenerife

Get into cetaceans sighting in Tenerife without limits

Live your memorable holiday thanks to the cetaceans sighting in Tenerife. The south coast of the island is a privileged spot for the observation of these majestic animals in the wild. In fact, there are permanent dolphin colonies which live here all year long, not far away from Mare Nostrum Resort.

The presence of whales and dolphins is so close to the coast that Tenerife has turned into the first place in Europe in term of importance by the number of people sighting cetaceans in the wild. Imagine finding up to 21 different species in these waters, from the gigantic blue whale to the fearsome killer whale.

Explore a unique opportunity. Few places in the planet offer this wide range so close to your holiday hotel. Also, cetaceans sighting in Tenerife is possible 80% of the days, with an observation percentage near 100%. The resident populations of bottlenose dolphins and short-finned pilot whales are the most famous ones. Other species are more abundant depending on the time of the year. Specially during the months of May and June.

Cetaceans sighting in Tenerife

Tips to choose your cetaceans sighting in Tenerife

Imagine sharing with your family, your couple or with friends an unforgettable experience. From a 2 hour long cetaceans sighting trip in Tenerife to a full 5-hour session. In our Infocenter we help you plan and choose the option you prefer to have fun during your holiday. You can find us in front of the reception desk of Mediterranean Palace, in Mare Nostrum Resort.

Try a 2-hour sighting trip, in a small and fast boat. The purpose is to discover and see free dolphins and whales, with no further complications. To enjoy the trip and the animals fully, never forget to bring your sun cream, your binoculars and, if necessary, some product to fight seasickness. Remember that the ocean and the movement of the boat cause a drop in the thermal sensation, so it is advisable to take a coat.

If you are looking for a more special experience, consider the 2 to 3-hour observation trip. It’s more of a playful option, perfect for families, since it usually includes lunch aboard and a pause at some cove to dive into the ocean and to feel closer the cetaceans sighting in Tenerife. Get into a medium size boat with higher movement freedom.

Live the most exclusive instant during a sighting trip of up to 5 hours. A full, rewarding and fun experience, in a big vessel prepared for observation and leisure. Apart from the sighting of whales and dolphins, you will experience with your people a trip through the most emblematic locations of the southern coast of Tenerife. Your will have two stops to enjoy an unforgettable bath and you will have some lunch before coming back to the port. Have fun with the Mare Nostrum Resort’s experiences.


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